Manic May…

So I just realized it’s been a super long time since I posted anything. So here is some of what’s been going on:
– crazy weather. Like ridiculous cold in March. Wind chill of -23 on the first day of spring. Then there was lots of snow that didn’t melt until this month.
– walked the 5k in Fargo. Note to self: train better. Had stopped training in March when I got sick then never restarted. Not wise. But I finished in under an hour. Going to improve next time.
– survived lent and Easter. Always fun to say alleluia again.
– had several crazy fun worship services. This month I had a baptism, one service with a confirmation and first communion, one with blessing of quilts and celebrating end of school year, another service with confirmation (yeah, two of em). I like celebrating milestones in faith journeys.
– sadly enough, TCM (meaning me and the interim pastor) has had quite a few funerals. Always a blessing to be with loved ones who gather but also hard to watch as people say goodbye. Several Saturdays have started with funeral services this spring (easier for family to travel on weekends). Reality of my vocation but doesn’t change fact that it drains emotion.
– vacation is on the horizon! Yup, going to take a few weeks next month to travel to Europe with KrissaMarie. Super excited…

Here are some pics of the ridiculous amount of snow that fell in March that I was too lazy or cold or sick to shovel, the pretty frost that remains on cold days following dense fog, spring flooding, and the flowers that emerged only after mother’s day:






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