So I really should be sleeping since I have an early start for what is likely to be a long day, but I had to share the fun date: 11.12.13

Oh, in case anyone worried, I survived another two weeks as a solo pastor. But Dec 2 I should be back to the lesser of two pastors. looking forward to having a new senior pastor around, even if only because so much transition is tiring since it’s all out of my control. I like change but I like making the decision.

Weather has chilled. Seems like winter is becoming a reality again. Woke up to single digits with a high in the teens. Can’t decide if I’m ready for large amounts of snow yet. I like winter because everything looks pretty when covered in snow or frost, but I will miss days where a sweater is enough of a layer. I might have to leave the dresses in the closet unless I find warmer leggings to winterize outfits. But I can wear my new flannel shirts as often as I dare…yay, plaid flannel!

I really don’t have too much to say. Soooo…
Happy 11.12.13!

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