So here is my short reflection on last year: awesome.

Longer reflection:
– I survived both January and November as a solo pastor with 7 congregations. In between those months I worked with a fun interim. And for the last month, the parish administrator and I have been weaning in a new lead pastor into the chaos.
– I went on an fantastic vacation last summer to Iceland and Germany with a sister (without any real harm coming to either of us)
– I started attending more meetings and conferences outside my Lutheran denomination and have been reminded that all of us together do God’s work (I’m still partial to the ELCA)
– I went to Nashville for the first time ever last summer (and ended up there a couple times overall). Very cool place
– I was asked if I was okay with having my face featured on a (digital) billboard for my college as they wanted to feature (somewhat) recent graduates and what we can do with our degrees. Has lead to some interesting conversations.  🙂
– I’m adjusting to ND temperatures so well that I’ve yet to pull out coats meant for cold weather. My thin coat works with layers
– I walked two 5ks last summer. Both without training or preparation
– I got a remote starter for my vehicle. When temps were below 0 before thanksgiving, I figured it was gonna be a cold winter
– I saw and admired sundogs, sunrises and sunsets. I can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere but the prairie so I can see miles upon miles of God’s creation, especially the sky still waiting on northern lights…
– I attended my high school reunion and had a great time catching up with my classmates, most of whom I had not seen in over a decade
– I upgraded some technology: bought a tablet, new laptop, blu-ray player. Next upgrade: tv
– and of course, celebrating my birthday on 11.12.13. I have an obsession with dates that are memorable, so my birthday was extra special this year

I’m sure I could add more, but my brain is starting to hurt.

I’m looking forward to what the future holds.
February includes a week in Nashville with family.
My friends from college and I keep saying we need to plan vacations together, and I think turning 30 is a great excuse to plan a trip…


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