today’s thinkings

so today i’ve had a lot of thoughts rumbling through my mind. this is especially nice since for the last few days i’ve been just under the weather enough to function but not really process deep thoughts.
so i guess i’m making up for it by having numerous thoughts percolating at once.

1. being sick isn’t fun. since the new year, i think i’ve spent more time befriending the box of kleenex than i did sleeping. first it was sinuses, then it was a cough (with a short break in between when i felt fine). now today is a day when i had planned on not speaking to ensure that unlike yesterday, i would have a voice tomorrow for preaching at three services.

2. current weather isn’t fun (no matter how pretty it is outside). this year started with nice temps combined with super cold temps. i should have been keeping track of how many times within a 48 hour time span we could have a temperature difference of 50-70 degrees. of course, when the high temp is in the 30s, i’ll let you figure out just what the low would be…
we’ve also been experiencing constant snow. we may not be getting dumped on with feet at a time like other storms, but it seems as though every other day there is some form of snowfall, even if it’s a light dusting.
only bright side: snow days! yep, days when the weather is too snowy, windy or frigid to venture out.

3. paperback books aren’t as much fun. so, i remember way back when ebooks arrived on the scene. and i remember thinking, i’m a girl who will never switch to the electronic version when i can hold in my hands, using all senses (minus taste) to read and enjoy books.
i’m not that girl anymore.
i admit it, i’ve converted to ebooks.
it started because of money and space issues. why spend more on the book when the ebook is cheaper? why buy the giant book when the ebook is a little file taking up no physical space?
now it’s because holding a book starts to hurt my hands after a few minutes. my hands have become too weak to hold open pages.

4. my dog is fun. ziggy likes to play fetch. it’s cute how he sprints after the stuffed animal. still working on getting him to actually bring it to me. sometimes he will, sometimes he won’t.
right now, he’s dead to the world while sleeping on the back of the couch.
silly dog.

5. reading science fiction is fun. and surprisingly profound. recently i have been reading books that require little to no brain cells to read. i take off my thinking cap and open books that simply waste time.
(note: this is when at home and not when i’m reading theology or biblical resources)
but i picked up a science fiction series the other day and was reminded why i enjoy reading about the other worlds people have created. i love drawing comparisons between the unknown world and my own experience. i love being taken out of my world and put into a new one.
but i especially love when the other world has gods and devout people who are committed to their beliefs.
i enjoy reading the profound statements as characters discuss worship and belief, how their lives are shaped by faith.
i appreciate the comments that make me stop and think “yeah, that captures what i have found to be true.”
i might be escaping this reality by entering into new worlds, but i find that when i read science fiction, i often begin to understand my reality more.
how cool is that?

6. photography is fun. i like playing around with pictures.
i love being caught off guard by seeing a beautiful scene in nature or when with people and capturing the moment in time.
recently i was asked to put together a photobook for someone. i had forgotten how nice it was to play around with pictures. organizing them into thematic pages, critiquing and finding the best ones, making the whole book look good. several hours go by but i don’t even notice cause i’m enjoying it so much.
and once i’m done, it’s forever.
the moments captured in pictures aren’t just memories in my head, but are shared with any who encounter the photo.


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