ministry in the mess

this has been a tough week
i never cease to be amazed at how life gets messy and yet in the mess is where we encounter God
life gets messy when painful events happen
life gets messy when we have huge to-do lists and only so many hours
life gets messy when we realize we cannot do everything on our own but still keep trying

God comes to us and reminds us that we will never be alone

this week i sit in tension
part of me is selfish and excited for upcoming vacation
but the other part of me is where i find the empathy for those hurting here and now

when i became a pastor, my number one fear was doing a funeral for a child
then i revised it to be for anyone younger than me
now it’s for anyone who is under age 40, anyone close enough to my age to be friends with me, anyone who has not lived long enough to be retirement age

Sunday evening i sat with a mother informed that her 34-yr-old son had died that day
and while i keep telling myself that God is good, there are still big questions about why life should ever be so messy

the funeral today was tough
usually i can hold it together easily
today i teared up
only reason i made it through was because i never met him

writing a message to preach was tough
how can we make sense of tragic loss?

my words were completely from God

words to remind us that we don’t need to like some aspects of life, that this does not call for clichés, but this does mean we hear the promises from God
promises that God is good
promises that God is with us
promises that God is the God of the living and the dead
promises that God will wipe away tears
promises that God invites us to come to Him, bringing our weariness and heavy burdens to find rest, peace, hope and comfort

what else could we possibly need in the mess other than promises that God is our own God?


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