feb fun

so this has been one crazy winter
i have to submit my mileage every month, which means i keep track of days when i don’t leave my house as much as when i do leave
and last month i had a couple sick days (blechy) but even more snow/ice/wind/blizzard days…

we cancelled two of four sundays
we cancelled bible studies,, BLAST (wednesday kids school), women’s circles
we cancelled pastor meetings

and the winter just keeps on staying cold, snowy and windy

but in the midst of this supremely annoying winter i made a quick trip south
my family met in nashville for our family christmas
so i spent a full week in nashville
it wasn’t really all that warm there (only a couple days were nice enough to walk without coats) but it was still warm enough that i didn’t wear a base layer under clothing

we had some fun:
grand ole opry
nashville predators (hockey) versus anaheim ducks
christmas gift exchange
country music hall of fame and museum (including private tour of hatch print shop)
cooking, baking
eating at the aquarium next to fishies
tennessee state museum (where i quilted and played checkers with libby)
bar hopping downtown
great live music everywhere

and then i came back to the land of subzero temperatures and extreme wind chills

other fun fact: i was asked to take on a role in the local community play, so several afternoons and evenings this month will be consumed with learning lines, figuring out how a pirate ghost dresses, speaking with a nasal voice, and whatever else comes my way


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