lent 2014

over the last couple weeks, i’ve been super busy. who knew how much time and energy goes into prepping for lent while trying to memorize lines for a play and attending workshops/retreats/meetings?

pretty sure it ain’t easy
but it sure was fun…
[and stressful]

i was part of the local community play as an annoying pirate ghost. so i wore lots of makeup, was in over half the scenes, and sewed my skirt in a few hours (picture at bottom of post)

this was in between attending a three-day first call retreat, lots of meetings, and a two-day workshop on church conflict/resolution
yeah, it was a lot but totally worth it

granted i did crash every so often, but that’s what days off are for, right?

fellow church workers, we know the energy to plan and prepare for the season of reflection, of re-devoting ourselves to God, don’t we? i remember the good ole days when i watched the magic happen never realizing how much goes on behind the curtain.
it’s a long process, especially when you are also trying to coordinate a project.

my project was to ask people for fave verse/passage/story from the bible and tell why it matters and what God-ly message they hear.
needless to say, i had to extend the deadline by almost two weeks in order to get enough responses.
but we finished last week and feel quite proud of how it turned out.

you can download it here or here if you prefer to have all the verses at once
or you can either follow TCM’s blog or friend TCM’s fb page if you prefer the daily update
(posted at 4:30 am central time – thankfully i learned how to schedule a post to avoid waking up at what I consider God-forsaken hours)

and of course, my Lenten discipline is to read a theological book (from my stack of theological books-to-be-read) each week.
current plan: learn about family systems theory, how to be a Christian in a post-modern world (while living with people whose lives are comparable to the 50s), what a feminist re-reading of the bible looks like, reflections on being female clergy and whatever else my heart desires…
wish me luck!
[and a blessed Lenten journey]



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