Keeping busy

so here a little insight into the life of a pastor: sometimes we have little to do, other times we run nonstop.
over the last month, it seems as though i have not been able to really rest.
i’ve been traveling a lot. all good reasons, but still stressful because of the prep work before leaving and the catching up upon return, the time spent in vehicles, and the annoyance of not sleeping in my own bed.
but for good reasons, i’ve been busy. can’t complain too much.

good vacation, good workshop about conflict,good play, good confirmation retreat, good worship, good day of sledding.
you get the picture.

and of course, all this makes for tons of fun even as i try to fit everything into my schedule.

right now i’m mostly set for lent. will have to tidy up sermonettes for wednesday evenings, prep bible studies for wednesday mornings, and show up sundays. but the big project is done so now i get to focus on other things.

like starting to prep for summer.
it’s a weird spot to be. most people simply show up for our events and don’t realize how much prep time goes into coordinating and planning.
until you plan.

so i’m going to enjoy being able to slack off a bit (but not much cause i still have plenty to do with my regularly scheduled meetings/activities)

lent is after all a time to reflect
and now that the days are warmer, my mood has improved and i’m easily aware of the many blessings in life
so i take a deep breath and appreciating all that God provides

but to enjoy slowing down a bit, here is a picture i took while driving home on sunday after worship:


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