out like a lion

i had such high hopes for march doing the “in like a lion, out like a lamb” since we started the month setting records for coldest temps on march 1
but no such luck
we ended march with an impressive blizzard
and i mean impressive
about a foot of snow fell
and winds were sustained with minimum speeds of 30 mph (gusting higher)
visibility in some places was zero, otherwise less than 1/4 mile

enough snow fell in one day so that i could not open my doors without pushing snow
and my doors sit several inches about the sidewalk (seriously have to step up to enter my house)

and to think the day before was muddy with water melting everywhere
i walked my dog wearing a long-sleeved shirt – no coat, gloves, earmuffs
but yesterday and today i had to shovel since snow was too deep for ziggy to even walk

a few days ago, the world looked like this:
note that the snow was almost gone

yesterday, the view from my front door:

today’s drifting:



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