may day

this year i’ve been reminded numerous times about the tradition of may 1: may day baskets
i remember sneaking up to houses and leaving small gifts on doorsteps

but also on this day is national day of prayer (
i started my morning with prayer even before i crawled out of bed (jumping the gun since all were to read it later at noon)
one of the many blessings of technology that travels with me wherever i go means that i saw the prayer when i checked email and facebook as soon as i woke up

now on to other things in my life:
1. my new niece. technically not related at all, but my host sister has a new little girl born in march and it’s just weird to say “host niece.” right now i’m working on a small afghan that will someday (hopefully within the next two weeks) be on its way to germany
2. my immediate family is fine, but the extended family is a bit more chaotic and full of hurts and blessings for numerous people. hurts like cancer, surgery, time in icu, distance from family and friends, etc. blessings like healing from hurts, lots of babies and a few weddings. i’m reminded time and again that birth and death are but bookends to the mess that is life.
3. my dog is looking shaggy. he really needs a haircut.
4. my house is messy. i really need to clean. like deep clean. with lots of elbow grease
5. still waiting for spring. i don’t see snow around, but the temps are still quite cool. grass is fighting to grow. flowers have the leaves but no buds/petals yet. but someday


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