so i have to admit that it is june, much to my shock.
i look at calendars and remind myself that it is not april.
or may.

it’s june, which means that summer fun has begun!

here are some highlights:
– green grass and pretty flowers and impressive thunderstorms. oh, how i love tulips and thunder…
– longer days with birds waking me up with melodies in the morning and the sun setting at a time i (as a night owl) consider to be a decent time
– planning for weddings (got 4 to officiate this summer). stressful yet fun.
– will be pastor of the week at the local bible camp, which should be a fun experience. first time spending several days at a camp (for more than overnight) since 2007.
– travel plans don’t have the standard clause “weather permitting” attached, plus it stays light so much later that i don’t worry about getting home by suppertime.
– i’m having tons of fun planning worship for 8 weeks this summer. that’s right, i took over choosing hymns and liturgy for a few weeks! pastor sherri gets her chance in august.


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