going home

always fun to go back to south dakota
love to see family and friends
enjoy vising familiar sites

a couple weeks ago, i picked up krissa at the airport in sioux falls and we took libby and tucker with us for the weekend, went to a wedding rehearsal and officiated the ceremony, visited our grandparents who took around country roads and into nebraska, and was able to spend at least some time with sisters kendra and kiana and our parents in parkston

here are some snippets:
– sonic drive through has really tasty flavored lemonades
– kids are exhausting, especially when temps are over 90 but they really want to play outside
– i do love random road trips on gravel through the countryside
– it was weird seeing the chapel at fort randall near pickstown with a roof
– wedding was fun
– grateful that the extreme storms didn’t happen while we were back in south dakota (hail and tornados destroyed a lot the days leading up to our trip back to parkston)
– learned why the box elder at the end of the street always had bees nearby: hidden honeycomb inside
– love the mix of old, worn-down houses that haven’t had people living in them for decades surrounded by abundance of new life/greenery












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