Ah storms

So I type this on my phone since I have no electricity in my house, which means no internet on larger devices

As I sit with the only light from candles and an oil lamp, I have a few thoughts
1. I’m not sure how I would survive like this for a long time. I mean, I thought it was cool to have an oil lamp and several candles, but those are for emergencies and not daily use. What was the emergency supply back in the day? Or for people who still live without electricity?
2. I’m grateful for meteorologists who warned me hours before the sky darkened and turned green that bad weather was likely. I had time to charge my phone, laptop and tablet.
3. My electronic devices have hours of battery life but I was and am bored. Mainly because electricity shut off during a show I was watching on Netflix and I want to finish it…wow I sound spoiled
4. I like how my phone has apps that notify me immediately about watches and warnings even without me watching or listening to news and weather reports. On a side note, I also am alerted of amber alerts in the state
5. I’m not sure how much damage happened tonight, but I have one evergreen tree that might not have any more pinecones in it. Grass is littered with em.
6. I hope electricity comes back on soon. I have ice cream sandwiches I don’t want to melt.

With such thoughts rumbling through my mind as I listen to the rain continue to fall, I shall sign off and sleep since there is nothing else to do


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