Happy Halloween! And almost November…

Crazy how the months have gone.
I remember several times this summer thinking that time just floated by without me realizing how much time has passed.
And this autumn is no different.
October is almost over. Literally, in less than 12 hours it will be November. And Daylight Savings Time ends. Yup, turn back clocks an hour and get an extra hour of sleep. Yay!
But such is life. And I have many fun times planned for November. Who doesn’t love long vacations? But I have to admit that planning a vacation during this time of year is stressful when it comes to packing clothes. I mean, seriously. How many sweaters to bring? What coat or jacket? How warm should gloves or mittens be? How many pairs of pants or leggings to pack? What about tanks versus tees versus long sleeve shirts?
Oddly enough, I got the clothing figured out but keep debating about the jackets. Weird that that would be my biggest question.
And of course, needing to look cute while traveling in Europe.
Because who wants to stick out like a tourist?
(at least until I open my mouth and start speaking with the American accent)
But I hope to buy some super fun fashion from Europe so I can wow people stateside.


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